Burnishing dies

Permit to have a good surface finish.
Smooth the diameters, without improving the turning geometry.

Main advantages

Allow the smoothig of the diameter

The 3 rollers provide a better surface finish

No radial efforts or pressure on the workpiece

Burnishing dies

  • These burnishing dies permit to smooth the diameters.

  • They work without radial efforts and no pressure is exerted on the workpiece, even for small diameters.

  • The three rollers will give a better surface quality, without improving the turning geometry, however.

  • The rollers will just follow that geometry. It is therefore important to have a good tuning job done, as far as concentricity and cylindrical shape are concerned.

  • The peripherical speed of the workpiece must be about 20 meters/minute. The speed is smaller when the material to be smoothed is very hard.

  • The indicative value for the feed is 0.2 to 0.5 mm/revolution.

Die holders, adjustable

  • The die holders, type R, permit to mount our adjustable rolling dies on all types of automatics.

  • The assembly on the machine will be effected either with a clamping collet or directly into the collet housing with the help of a clamping cone.

Additional indications

Capacities in following sizes:
Diameter after burnishing: from 0.50 to 12.40 mm

The sizes of the burnishing dies are available per tenths of a millimetre.

The burnishing operation improves the surface finish, but does not influence the diameter

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