Knurling dies

End knurling, straight or crossed.
The material is deformed without any radial effort on the collet or the guide bush.

Main advantages

High quality of knurling

Longer life of the die

Any radial effort on the collet
No radial pressure on the workpiece

Knurling dies

  • These end knurling dies are used for straight or crossed knurling (30° or 45°).

  • They work without radial effort. No pressure is exerted on the workpiece, even with the smallest diameters.

  • The three knurls forming the teeth assure a high quality of the job and the long life of the die.

  • Knurling is obtained by material deforming. Therefore, the diameter before knurling increases by 25 to 35% of the pitch value, according to the machined material. These values are in direct relation with the material resistance.

Die holders, adjustable

  • The die holders, type R, permit to mount our adjustable rolling dies on all types of automatics.

  • The assembly on the machine will be effected either with a clamping collet or directly into the collet housing with the help of a clamping cone.

Informations needed for your requests

The diameter after knurling (measured on the tip of the teeth), and the tolerances “mini” and “maxi” are in accordance.

The wanted pitch. It must be determined by the user.

The kind of material.

Capacities in following sizes:
Diameter after knurling: from 0.60 to 14.20 mm – Pitch: from 0.13 to 1.00 mm according to diameter.

The sizes of the knurling dies are available in tenths of a millimetre.

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